The sky is exciting.

This is an exercise in motivation. That, and remembering how to type with using emoticons.

So. First post. Something exciting this way comes, I hope.

I know first posts are supposed to be contain unadulterated ramblings about what to write (even if I know nobody reads back this far) or noobish confusion on how to find my way around this site (did that last night and let me tell you, this site needs to be more user-friendly) or in modern culture, a blank page because people just want to get the pressure of the first post over with.

I dunno, I figured I’d be a bit more articulate than that and actually put something substantial in here. Obviously, that doesn’t seem to be working out so well. What is it with people and getting things done? Why does it have to be so hard to accomplish stuff? Come on, Nike, I’m waiting for an answer here. Just do it? I’d like to see a list of the things you’ve done in your life.

This is an exercise in organized ranting.

The most exciting thing that’s happened to me today is that I found out I have large windows and that the thickness of curtains is directly proportional to the number of hours I spend sleeping. While I was typing–and re-typing, and backspacing which isn’t really typing, it’s untyping?–all this out, the patch of sky outside my window has changed more times than I’ve changed clothes in seventeen years. It’s the most interesting thing in my life.

Now, I wonder about other people. The kind who drink horchata and fly in planes and go to concerts and dance in the dark and sing on stages and talk without alliteration because their vocabulary’s just THAT wide. Is the sky exciting for them too?

I ask a lot of questions.

This is an exercise in getting some answers.

I suppose that’s a little mermaid-y even for me but oh well; here we go.


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Fangirl writes. Has never written fanfiction. Pretends to write six-word stories.

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