Your verb choice is abysmal.

I realize I didn’t really give a lot of info about myself in yesterday’s epic first post. Nor do I plan on filling out an ‘About Me’ page any time soon. People don’t care about those things anyway, unless you can sing in a high-pitched girly/pre-pubscent voice. Also, I’m going for minimal cliche use here.

(In this blog, at least. In real life I am currently being challenged to write a story that contains two cliched scenes of my choice, is set in a posh private school of le rich and fabulous and must have the main male character seen kissing a statue. Okay, that last one isn’t a cliche. Yet.)

I’d rather go about it the old-fashioned way–as old-fashioned as the computer age can get anyway. You know, let people get to know me through every blog post, knowing more and more about my inner workings until they feel they have found a friend that they’ve never met but instantly feel a close connection with. That sort of thing.

So. Today’s facts are: I do not know how to cook. I do not know how to dance. Ants freak me out.

I keep seeing an ant or two crawling over my desk these past few days. It’s disturbing to say the least.

Two of my favorite reality show contests on TV are MasterChef Australia and Got To Dance UK. Not only do their accents sound awesome, but I love how the judges on both shows actually seem to know what they’re doing. And the talent is just amazing. Every time I watch these shows, I get this ‘We share the same planet and I’m happy you’re in it’ feeling. Usually, I’d feel inadequate but as I’m sure I’d never learn how to cook or dance properly anyway, I’m perfectly fine with watching people learn for me.

I guess I’m not the kind of person who thinks that I should learn other things.

…That sounded awful.

This is how I see it: It would be nice to learn other talents but I think I’m at that stage in my life where I’ve found the thing that I want to do for a living, for my sanity, forever. Call it close-mindedness but I prefer to think of it as excessive, premature love. You know how people look for The One to spend their lives with? I’ve found mine. Talent-wise. I want to learn other things but I don’t see it as a necessity or as a priority. (I sound like Rachel Berry. Why does this make me feel happy?)

Which begs the question: why are there no reality shows for writers?

I mean, I suppose it’ll be boring to watch writers write. And I’m pretty sure not a lot of writers actually want to be filmed while writing. But come on! It’s reality TV. It’s made staying inside a house for a hundred days look exciting. Why can’t people care about writers as much as they care about who’s hooking up with who in a house filled with people you didn’t even know about? Ugh, that’s a society-inclined question and I don’t really want to go there.

Back to the point: I love how reality show contests make the contestants all fueled with a passion to win. And when they’re driven towards something, people can do entertaining things and that’s what makes it good TV. The drive these people have to get to where they want to be is inspiring. I guess I just want a chance to show people that I can be passionate about something too.

Which brings us back to Rachel Berry. She’s kind of my motivation inspiration. I love how much she cares about her art and I know it obviously doesn’t always work out for her and she does all these crazy things to get where she wants to go. The awesome thing about her is that she has the strength and the confidence to (as I have mentioned in my last post) just do it.

Also, I want a writer version of their inspiring words. Until then, I guess I have to settle with changing the words ‘cook’ and ‘dance’ to ‘write.’ Every so often though, you get an ambiguous sentence and it just hits the mark spot on. And so I end my second post with the immortal words of Matt Preston, food critic and MasterChef Australia judge: Don’t look at others, just look ahead.

And in the words of Rachel Berry: Also, angels.


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