“I left it in the…


It’s strange how I never thought that my country was a place you could leave things in, like a storage place or a treasure chest or a warehouse.

This me (over) reacting over a line that I read in one of my friends’ blog recounting the story of her dream. I don’t know. I’ve been doing some intense thinking lately. I think it’s the blog bug. Like I have a blog now so I should fill it with stuff that’s worthwhile. When I was in high school, writing in my first constantly updated blog, I used to blog about the supposed milestones in my life. Now, four years later, I see the keyword is ‘SUPPOSED.’ The actual milestones are few and far between.

So how to fill up the spaces between the last one and the next? I could do what I used to do and share the mundane mental processes of a teenager and how life is just sooo boring, dahling, and you absolutely must come over and save me. Or I could just ramble about things that I think matter and see where that leads me. Thinking while there is not much to think of is a form of rebellion. Also, it’s summer and it’s ending. So in the spirit of having these last few weeks to myself, I choose to think daily.

It’s weird how I’ve been starting these last two posts with reflections on the blogger life. Ew, guess I was even MORE mundane than I thought I was.

First of June paves the way to the moon. First of May was here one day. Now summer’s gone, gone so soon.

(Today’s facts: I like rhyming and I love watching spoken word poetry. I’m looking to do one of my own, but obviously, I need some sort of rhythm class or something. Sarah Kay is my personal hero.)

June is the month of bugs. There’s the blog bug, my mom’s flu bug, the bugs (ants) on my desk (hopefully they’re gone now, I drenched the whole desk in alcohol yesterday and blocked all the cracks in the woodwork with tape) and what I like to call my June bug. In Filipino: the bagong buhay bug.

Simply put, the June bug can be summarized into one sentence: It’s a new school year and I’m going to be awesome.

I made my list of resolutions last night and filled my whiteboard with song quotes.


  • be nicer to parents
  • work harder
  • care more
  • wake up earlier
  • have better hair
  • learn the interesting words that Vampire Weekend use in their songs (today’s word: keffiyah from Campus)
  • write

Song quotes:

  • Get up, get out, get away from these lies, because they don’t get your soul or your fire. (Satisfy some road trip lust or get inspired to learn how to drive or feel like you’re hurtling through Paris. Open Your Eyes — Snow Patrol)
  • The stars too, they tell of spring returning. (Those You’ve Known — Spring Awakening OST It’s low quality but here are the live performances for those of you who say she can’t sing live.)
  • My future, it beckons and I’m not quite ready to reckon with it yet. All I have is my soul. And somebody told me that was poetry. (Not a song but if you’re going to watch something today, watch this video. She Asks Me — Phil Kaye)

And to put those June bug resolutions to the test, lo and behold, I have my CS11 removal exams tomorrow. This is a long story that I’d rather not tell.

Side story: When I was a kid, I used to have secret code words when I wrote in my diary so people wouldn’t know I was talking about them. I never wrote the meanings of the code words down because A. I assumed I’d always just know and B. Neville left the Gryffindor passwords lying around and look who found them. Sirius Black, that’s who. Anyway, when I read those entries now, I have no idea who or what I was talking about.

This CS11 thing. Please take me seriously when I say: I WILL NEVER FORGET THIS. CS11 is not a code word. It is a class I took in my freshman year of college and I will be lucky if I ever forget the experience. I doubt that however because I do not think my parents will actually let me forget that this happened.

So my exam is tomorrow. It’s an open notes exam and I can bring Spuckle. I’d say I’m ready…for it to be over. My parents are in a frenzy and I really just want to get to the part where I go to the mall and watch X-Men.

The end start.


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