I said I’d never write poetry.

I’ve been lurking around deviantArt a lot this summer. I guess I was inspired by the Daily Deviation I got at the start of the year. (Since then, I’ve been getting recognition for my literature every time I feel awful about myself or every after my parents lecture me about my future. It’s a good deal and I don’t mind if the trend keeps up.) I wanted get more involved in the literature community or at least read more stuff from other deviants. I’ve discovered a lot of mind-blowing stuff–by mind-blowing, I mean, ‘look, you’re really cute, but I don’t understand what you’re saying’ except replace cute with really amazingly good with words–and a lot of not-so-mind-blowing stuff. These past few days have seen an increasing abundance in mind-blowing stuff.

Today’s Literature Daily Deviation is called Allen Ginsberg Sings the Blues by lavos12. I have been jonesing to read more of Allen Ginsberg’s stuff ever since I read Howl. I’ve mentioned that I really like spoken word poetry and people who write in rhythm amaze me, so obviously, I’ve poked around (read: Googled) and I found stuff from the Beat Generation, Kerouac, Burroughs, all that stuff. I really really really want to take a Spoken Word centric poetry class. My heart keeps beating in that direction, if whatever I just said makes sense. I feel like, if there’s one thing I should really be influenced by, it’s beat poetry.

I find it incredibly distracting that I’m being inspired to write hardcore cool beans shiz and yet I am currently committed to writing something completely…how should I put it? Well, comedic, to say the least. Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying writing the craziness. It’s the most fiction I’ve written in the longest time, but agh, I feel like I’m being pulled in the other direction. Yeah, that sounded snooty. (I am continually tempted to insert emoticons. I must resist.) I’ll definitely finish superchiclitparadise before moving on. Hopefully, I still have the time to work on my poetry and I’ll still be as committed to it as I feel now.

Another ironic thing is that I said I’m going to try to avoid poetry ever since that Creative Writing 10 class where I had to churn out poem after poem for about a month. I’d always considered myself a prosist (is that a word, it’s being red-underlined but I hear it a lot) but ever since that poetry fest, I did consider focusing on it more. I mean, yeah, who says I can’t do both but I’d really like to focus on one, especially it’ll help me choose my majors for my last year in college. And like I said, I’m a one-thing-at-a-time kind of person. Be awesome at one thing then take on the next. Also, there’s hardly any money in poetry. I am destined to be poor.

Plus, I need to work on my fiction. Lately, my style has been descriptive. Excessively so. Like almost, Lord of the Rings so. Also, I’m not very good with plot lines and characterization. Wow, this sounds a lot worse when it’s all written down like this.

Dammit, maybe I should just stick to poetry.

But I love stories and I know how people say that writers have all these stories bursting out of them, ready to be told. That’s not true. Not in my case at least. It’s like a sea in me, like a soup even. There’s a whole bunch of things I want to write about but in my case, I find it really hard to bring the elements together, like the sea in me keeps carrying them away on the current. I don’t know if it’s because I’m a perfectionist and I don’t like loopholes but I’ve never finished a story. Well, I have, but it doesn’t happen often and even then there’s always a weird cliffhanger or something.

I’ve lost track of myself. The point of this blog originally was to gripe about whether or not my own Daily Deviation was worth people’s time when there are stuff like this out there, stuff that’s worth a whole half-finished book of mine. Meh, now I’m too distraught at my poetic future to gripe. I’ve already thought of buying myself a poetry collection the last time I was in a bookstore (I need more bookstores in my life. I hate Megamall.) but thought better of it because I still have four Harry Potter books to re-read. Speaking of, I’m excited for Harry to meet Sirius, but I have to study for tomorrow. The parenthetical rant will be saved for another time–because I never get tired of ranting about downsized bookstores–and this post will be published tomorrow because my exam is during my usual afternoon blogging time.

For more awesome poetry, click this: How to Start a Revolution by cogongrass

If you don’t like literature, watch the Spy Kids 4 trailer instead.


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