Enrollment days are particularly taxing.

I realize I don’t like to post angry stuff on here. Mostly because I didn’t finish any of them which is A. good because I don’t really want to fill this blog with pointless, shallow frustrations, or B. bad, because it means I’m not good at ranting anymore. In any case, that’s my excuse for not posting anything this past week. First came the removal exams, then came the whole ‘my sister is reading smutty fanfiction instead of the original series’ issue, then I guess life just filled in the spaces in between. I haven’t fully gotten over any of those stuff, far from it–the results for my exam hasn’t been posted yet and I’m definitely not giving up on getting my sister to read the original books–but I am reminded once again that I must keep moving on.

I think the day away from home did me good. Hearing my sister’s cries of ‘It’s Alan Rickman! It’s Professor Snape!’ today doesn’t annoy as much as it would have last Friday. I’m quite proud of the way I handled the most part of the day, especially the ride home. I didn’t freak out or cry or faint from the heat or complain (too much) or over react or anything. I’m so proud that I’m granting myself the right to use one emoticon. :)

Run-down of the day:

(WARNING: First paragraph is TMI.)

I thought I had gotten my period on the ride to school so we had to stop by the Shopping Center for…female stuff. (It may not be a mall but I love studying in a university that has its own grocery store.) Turns out, I didn’t.

Went to Math Building to meet up with our ever-prompt adviser. (Note sarcasm.) It was nice to see people again, though not as nice to explain my ‘I’m still here because I got a four’ situation. Still, it was nice to see that my college, non-Paulinan friends still support me even if I’m technically not a Math major anymore and I therefore don’t have to suffer with them. After knowing these people for a year, I think that qualifies as a decent friendship. It was also nice to get talk to people who aren’t related to me after a whole summer with no one but my siblings for company.

Advising went better than I expected, my expectations being ‘WHY ARE YOU SHIFTING. HOW DARE YOU TAKE ALL THESE SUBJECTS WITHOUT OUR APPROVAL. TO THE DEAN WITH YOU.’ Also, I talked to the dude who talked too much and made jokes that made people laugh. Social awkwardness = pwned.

Almost went to pre-rog in a building that was under construction, forever thankful for friends who let me cut in line and tell me what to do when I am lost. Thanks Alleana, even if you’re not reading this; my MST pre-rog experience would not have gone as smoothly without you.

Karma for cutting in line: going to a hidden room to pre-rog just in time to see the woman post ‘NO SLOTS AVAILABLE’ on the window in the door. I swear she was laughing at me. Had to text everyone and their mothers to find out a good SSP class to enlist in. Around this time, I had gotten a little frantic and I kind of just followed people around and when they decided to congregate around a door, I knew there was information to be overheard. Stalking skillz, they come in handy. Overheard a dude asking where to pre-rog Kas and since I just wanted it to be over with, I went in the direction the lady pointed, walking IN FRONT of the dude who asked, pretending I was headed there all along.

Karma for that: hello Kas 2. There was no line for obvious reasons if you’re studying in UP. The only schedules available were late in the afternoon and in the morning. I already had a subject in the morning and so, I went for 230-400, knowing full well that my class before that was from 830-1000, which gave me a FOUR HOUR BREAK. The man seemed irritable so I didn’t want to anger him with my insolent begging. I decided to join Alleana in the epic pre-rog line for a PE class with which to fill in this immense gap in my schedule.

Cue five hours of waiting on a very dusty, dirty, detrital floor. In these five hours, I have managed to read about 30 pages of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban as opposed to another girl in the line who was reading Deathly Hallows and by the end of the day, she’d read about half the book; meet another of Alleana’s awesome Psych friends (the other was a dude I met while we were pre-rogging for an MST; he was nice too); get my parents to buy me and Alleana takeout for I had not eaten anything but four cookies the entire day; let Lorraine know that she was taking way too many subjects; play ask the iPod shuffle; and beat Klondike for the fourth out of the ninety-two times I’ve played that game.

I think my favorite part of the day was the ride home. I was feeling disgusting, cleanliness-wise and as usual, my parents started asking me all sorts of questions about what happened and what was going to happen next and what do I plan to do next semester and is it always like this. I don’t know if it was because I was pumped on getting through this day alive and well or that my parents were too tired to be snarky but I answered everything asked and I felt, for once, that I did it right. I didn’t feel like I was stumbling over myself. I worked things out on my own and I proved to them that I could survive a day of craziness just as well as they could and live to tell the tale BETTER than they could. I smell achievement.

The day has been good to me. The battle is far from over though. I have to return tomorrow and continue the fight but for now, the day is great and the day is over. I am content.


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