Bang Bang

Fact of the day: Ever since that first blog post about the sky, I can’t blog if the curtains aren’t drawn.

My blog posts are starting to get longer as school is starting and I’m having so much more to write about. That said, I won’t be blogging about Enrollment Day Two as it wasn’t really as eventful or as warm or as fuzzy as the first day. Nothing much to say except I FINALLY finished Prisoner of Azkaban, ate some really expensive chocolate and got the lulziest (it’s a word) PE class ever.

I’m supposed to be doing up a schedule right now or at least making some Goblet of Fire progress but hey, it’s about time I blog about the things that REALLY take up most of my time.

I firmly believe that the man in this video is Edward Scissorhands, therefore we are trying to recruit enough people to recreate an Edward Scissorhands/Cats (the musical) version of this video.

There is nothing else to say.


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Fangirl writes. Has never written fanfiction. Pretends to write six-word stories.

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