Spaz Report: A two-minute trailer made me cry.

After claiming to be such a hardcore Harry Potter fan, today was my first time seeing this trailer. I have no words. It’s beautiful. I’m not really in the mood to be all reflective and blog about what this means to the series, to the fans and to me. I’m not ready for that. I just want to make it known that I think it is amazing. I don’t regret deciding to watch this trailer in the actual theater right before an actual movie. (That movie was X-Men: First Class. It was okay. Maybe this is the reason I didn’t think it lived up to all the hype. It wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t what I thought it would be.)

Before anything, I guess I should say something about the jump. The ‘let’s end this the way we started’ jump that did not happen in the book. I admit, it looks pretty epic and I think Daniel Radcliffe really SHONE in that scene. The dude can become some sort of James Bond-ish action star after this. Obviously, I feel a bit iffy about it because what the hell, it looks like a really big scene, the kind that can really decide where the movie is going, so where does it fit in the big Hogwarts battle, I wonder. But LORD, if they can give me the most epic movie trailer ever, I’m just going to take my own figurative jump and let the winds of David Heyman and Warner Brothers and everyone else catch me, yeah.

The scene that really did it for me–and still continues to do it for me because I just have to watch it again and again–was Tonks reaching out for Lupin. (‘It’ being the unspeakable feeling that washes over your chest in cold waves and makes you tremble all over until you just have to release it in narrow streams of water coming from your eyes because that’s the only part of your body that the waves haven’t taken over. ‘It’ is shorter and will be used for purposes of the discussion.)

The Lupin/Tonks love was hardly played up in the movies and while that was a bit disappointing, I’m really happy that at least THIS scene exists. Snooty fangirl says: Who cares about the people who just watch the movies? I read the books. I understand the love and that’s what matters. Normal fangirl says: At least this will be a good catch up to all the scenes they’ve missed. It clearly packs enough impact to make you feel ‘it.’ (See ‘it’ as defined above.)

I am also incredibly pleased with all the Snape scenes. I’m used to the trailers beginning with the Warner Brothers logo that Snape threw me off guard and I first thought it was Sirius. (I just finished reading Prisoner of Azkaban; Sirius is still fresh in my mind.) But I love those few seconds of close ups. I don’t know. They were just perfectly placed–right after ‘ONLY ONE’ which makes sense because his story is really central to the book–and ugh, I’m just so excited for Snape’s backstory to be told.

The short snippets of The Prince’s Tale look great, almost Pushing Daisies-esque. I cannot wait to see more. The girl who plays little Lily looks perfect for the part, I personally think. I really really wish they’d do something awesome with The Prince’s Tale, like they did with The Tale of the Three Brothers. Obviously they can’t animate it, but if they succeed in making that just as magical and awesome and argh. The previous Pensieve scenes in Half-Blood Prince were really disappointing because I really wanted to see more of little Riddle and the voices were all muffled and everything was blurred at the edges. I really hope that’s just because the memories were hazy, but Snape’s are supposed to be really clear because they’re really important to him and aaaargh, so excited.

Also, the music. John Williams, I am so happy you are in the world. The slow-paced version of Hedwig’s Theme at the start was just haunting, absolutely haunting and perfect. It just builds up without you knowing and suddenly everyone’s fighting and they’re jumping and there’s Hogwarts, it’s crazy.

Speaking of the sounds, Rupert Grint’s ‘we can end this’ line, I don’t know why, but I thought that was GREAT. Only three people were talking throughout this whole trailer: Harry, Voldemort and RON. I trust Rupert’s acting skills wholeheartedly, having seen him in Cherrybomb and Driving Lessons and I thought he was just, ugh, lead character material. This man is talented; he’s changed so much and has still made the perfect Ron Weasley. Just amazing.

Oh yes, wait, one other person can be heard: Ginny. She screams in pain at the end. At first–in the theater–I thought that was Lily, which I think is a pretty good assumption considering she’s the only one we’ve heard scream ‘HARRY’ in that high pitched voice before. I’m not generally in favor of Harry/Ginny but I accept them and I just really hope that their relationship works in this whole war scenario. It’s hard to show the progression of a relationship per se, but I think it’s a matter of tying in the love in the war and all that shiz.

Also, I guess in the world of love and mothers screaming for their children, there’s a particularly good shot of Narcissa Malfoy. That’s really dramatic and it’s kind of weird seeing as we don’t see Lucius at all and there’s only a tiny blurred background character of a Draco in that trailer. I don’t know if this means they’re showing more of her or she’s going to be more in the front lines of the war than her husband or son (not likely) or that’s just a really good shot and they couldn’t not include it. It’s kind of curious.

The dragon looks great. Just, the dragon looks great.

Also, to finish up this fandom spaz, I just want to say that right after this trailer came The Rise of the Planet of the Apes trailer, which Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) is actually a part of. He had like this aftershave of a beard and my friend and I just looked at each other at the same time. I was like ‘Who is that?’ and she was like ‘Isn’t that–?’ It was a weird amusing moment to say the least. (I was with my friend, Dea, throughout all this. If I was going to watch the Deathly Hallows trailer for the first time with someone, I’m glad it was her. She kind of let me take it all in silence and I’m grateful for that.)

Not sure how to finish off this post. I guess it’s not finished. I’m still having a hard time trying not to watch it over and over again. Don’t even get me started on what I’m going to be like once the movie is ACTUALLY OUT. Ugh. I guess I should exile myself to finishing Goblet of Fire before anything else comes up. And I just realized I wrote a thousand words on a two minute trailer. Really, Shaniqua? I apologize. I promise I will be substantial after July 15. Until then, let’s end this the way we started: abruptly.


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