The internet makes me happy.

I’m not hurt. I’m all right. I’m a lot tougher than some people think. –Mowgli (The Jungle Book)

Well, that sums up my day.

Instead of blogging about my first day of school, I’d like to take this opportunity to be happy. Fact of the day: I believe that there is a constant level of happiness in the world. When someone somewhere feels exceptionally awful, someone else somewhere else feels really good. That’s how I see it. Corollary of that fact: I like seeing my theories come true. And in accordance to my first day of my second year of college, the internet has brought me the wondrous news that my suffering has not been in vain!

GOOD THINGS (brought to you by the internet)

A Very Potter Musical came to life because of Dramione. This is the ultimate fandom clash of awesome. Bonus: The Dramione shippers were guys.

A writer starts writing again. When I was in high school, the main thing that really got me into the Young Adult genre and helped me face the weird shizzle that goes on in the world today was a story called Allison Wonderland, a dark Young Adult story written by a great author named Diana Caporaso. After a failed attempt at getting it published, she didn’t write or post anything for the longest time. For years. And now she’s writing again and it’s such an inspiration to see her trying after such a long time. I can’t feel prouder.

Two awesome artists got married. I like marriages. Newlyweds are always so happy.

And let’s not forget: HANK GREEN TWEETED ME. Yeah, we talked about X-Men. It was no big deal. IT WAS A VERY BIG DEAL.

And a last one that’s not really an internet phenomenon, but hey, good news all the same: Soeulmate Day is tomorrow. No link for this one. Just two people whose musical and literary tastes are so crazily in sync that they are, quite simply, soul mates. (The ‘e’ is a long Koreanovela-type story.)

That’s it for now. (Yay short blog post!) You don’t really want to hear about my tiring, swag-filled, semi-terror professor of a day. We’ve got a brand spanking new semester ahead of us. You’ll learn about my school life soon enough. For now, I read.


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Fangirl writes. Has never written fanfiction. Pretends to write six-word stories.

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