The Birds

I have experienced two days of school and I have only this to say:

Today’s fact: I don’t watch horror movies. I watch gory movies. I like them if they’re well done. I think it started with Misery, that Kathy Bates film that we were made to watch in class when I was in high school. I was fascinated with how great it came off despite being beyond disturbing. And I’m not sure where it came from–though I’m pretty sure that this also takes root in a darkened high school classroom–but I’ve also had/am undergoing an obscure indie movie phase. (Read: hipster beginnings) I guess it started with the more popular ones, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Pan’s Labyrinth, then flowed into weirder movies, most of them French. I’ve had my share of disturbing, confusing, mindfucking stuff.

The point of this post is actually just that: to tell people that I don’t enjoy horror movies. I didn’t like Black Swan, just so you know, mostly because I didn’t finish it. I got to the part where the dude started hitting on Natalie Portman and she started literally tearing the skin from her fingers and then I turned off the player. It’s not what you’d call horror but it’s not my cup of tea.

I’m willing to make this post public. That’s a sure sign that this blog is getting serious.

I’m taking a Theater class and my prof actually showed up and he actually seems really cool. (Three out of three profs showed up on the first meeting. Is this real life?) Except for the fact that I have to read three Greek plays in two days in addition to four articles on Asia in a world context to be discussed on Tuesday. And yes, I am still reading Goblet of Fire.

I fell asleep halfway through “The Birds” by Aristophanes. Bonus fact: My favorite Hey Arnold episode was the one about Pigeon Man and I like flying things in general, but this play is weird. Sometimes it gives off stuff like this:

And if anyone is keeping birds shut up in his yard, let him hasten to let them loose; those who disobey shall be seized by the birds and we shall put them in chains, so that in their turn they may decoy other men.

And at other times,

Ah! to what use cannot feet be put? 

Well, that’s good to know, I guess.


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