Spaz report: Pottermore

I can feel this blog turning into some sort of Harry Potter fanblog as we speak, if it isn’t already. Anyway, I have no excuses about not blogging for the most part of this week because I was just lazy and I slept too much for even me to comprehend. No, okay, I’m just ready to rant about Pottermore.

This isn’t really going to be an organized rant because I’ve just read the press con transcript, and I just listened to MuggleCast 232 last night, and I just saw the pictures; basically, this is my initial reaction to everything that’s been going on in the world of Pottermore.

So at first, I really had no idea what it is. JK Rowling just released the announcement last night, which wasn’t really the most opportune time for me as everyone was in a frenzy about whether there were going to be classes today. (I am blogging at noon; there obviously aren’t.) It also didn’t help that I spend most of my time sleeping these days, so weirdly, I woke up just in time to see the announcement. (My fandom senses were tingling.) I didn’t really comprehend everything when I first saw the video. It was like there was a sieve through the screen and only sliced up words got through to me: unique reading experience, digital generation, audiobooks and ebooks.

Also, on a mildly off-center topic, Jo looked beautiful and those paper cut-outs coming to life looked friggin awesome.

So that’s my initial criticism of the video, and then I proceeded to retweet everyone’s reactions on it. The main thing going around was that nobody was really sure what it is and lots of people were miffed that it wasn’t a book or that they woke up for a ninety-second video which honestly didn’t reveal much. I think this is where my cycle of emotions began. This stage, at its simplest, was apathy. I had more pressing matters to deal with and I really couldn’t judge it since I didn’t know what it was.

Then later that night (last night), after all the suspension issues had cleared up–not really, my university is weird, I actually just got the announcement early this morning when I’d already decided not to go to school if no one was willing to take me there–I saw Alex Day’s video. My apathy, having no definite initial reaction to build a stand from, was inclined to side with him. Only, you know, I like to think that my apathy is less snarky.

I think this is a good time to say that I don’t like ebooks. I can rant about this for pages and I already have, in certain undisclosed areas of the internet, but I won’t right now. Just suffice it to say that whatever reason you’re thinking is probably one of the reasons I don’t like them. And thus, I entered the stage of uneducated suspicion.

I started backreading MuggleNet because I didn’t really know where Alex got the quotes and the statements he used in the video and I found a download of the most recent MuggleCast. I downloaded it and listened to it before I went to bed–at 3AM because I’m a little psychic like Rachel Berry and felt in my bones that classes would be cancelled today anyway. I mostly just got a bunch of groggy dudes talking about the announcement video–one of the rare times that I enjoyed my timezone–but they had all these sources and pictures. Even if they were exhausted, I could tell that they were a lot better informed than I was, so I decided to reserve official judgment until I looked through those bits they mentioned. This stage is called exhaustion.

So now, we are reaching the actual point of this blog post, which is ‘Shaniqua’s Official Statement about Pottermore.’ I’m really doing this more for my own sake than anyone else’s. No one really cares about my opinion, but that’s not important and what matters is that I have an opinion to care about. Sorry if you had to go through that pointless story about how I GOT to this conclusion, but telling pointless stories gives me more time to think so, here it is. This is stage is called opinionated opinion.

After reading everything, I can’t really blame Jo for being vague as there really is no term for what Pottermore is, but as far as I can tell, it’s a sort of social network meets MMORPG meets online reading meets website for official releases. A couple of days ago, I wouldn’t really have liked it to be a website because there are already so many fansites out there and the only thing that would make this one different is that it would be ‘official,’ which is good but not really good enough for me to be excited over. Right now though, I think Pottermore looks promising.

I think my sudden change of opinion is brought about by the interview transcripts which are Jo’s official statements about Pottermore and she seems so excited that it’s hard not join her. She herself actually worked on this site and she moved herself into the ‘digital age’ and gave in to the ebooks and the websites and everything even if she was reluctant at first. And most of all, it’s just heartwarming that she thinks of Pottermore as a way to give back to her fans. She reminds me of that awesome poet on deviantArt who keeps thanking me for liking his work. As the groggy dudes on MuggleCast said, she doesn’t really owe us anything. She’s brought to life the awesomeness that is Harry Potter; there’s nothing more to ask from her.

But apparently, she has more in store for us! This is what I’m most excited about, even more than a Sorting process approved by JK Rowling herself. She talks about having new material on each of the books. At first it was funny in the video when she used she said she was ‘hoarding’ information, but now, it’s become clear that she actually has this whole world of backstories that she wants to share but never had the chance to. I don’t know whether this will be like supplementary material (she’s mentioned histories of the Houses and wand wood meanings) or if this will change the way people actually view the books, like total game-changers like The Prince’s Tale or enlightenment moments like Dumbledore’s sexuality. I think it’s going to be both and I really want to see what she still has up her sleeve.

I don’t know though, whether this will all be available right away or we have to endure a timeline of releases. I’d really rather it be something unlockable so the fans can go about it at their own pace, not like a series of worldwide releases, like a World of Warcraft expansion pack or something. I mean, I’ve read the books, I know what’s going to happen, I see no point in prolonging it lest it look like another plot to milk more money from the series which was what I first thought the idea to split the last movie was.

Speaking of which, I wonder how this is going to affect the release of the last movie. I mean, I have so long looked at it as ‘THE END,’ the big one, dying and moving on. It’s going to be hard but I’ve accepted it at least as inevitable. Personally, I’m glad that even if the prospect of new movies or books is gone, there’ll still be a backdrop of Harry Potter or some sort of presence of it still in my life, but I can’t help but wonder whether this is healthy. I mean, is it good to hold on for something this long? And I wonder, will there also be a stage when Pottermore will be over? When all the material has been released, and people have gone through the ‘online experience,’ what exactly is going to happen next? I’m a bit reluctant about getting excited over another end waiting to come.

In conclusion: I am indeed excited for Pottermore, if only for the new information more than anything. While I am still a bit iffy about throwing myself into excitement and a bit too overwhelmed to actually process this much information, this is where I stand now. I wish the best for Pottermore, although I still hope that it won’t replace reading actual books altogether. By that I mean I hope Pottermore will still be built on the books and not a completely stand-alone experience. So yes, I’ll wrap this up before my inner ebook hater begins to show.

As a last Potter-related bit, I leave you with my favorite YouTube video at the moment and I’ll just leave you to figure out the rest.


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