Some Random Thoughts on Hair

I really shouldn’t be blogging right now as it is officially twenty days before the premiere of Deathly Hallows Part Two and I am severely behind on my reading. In fact, the main reason I am even online at all is because I really need (like, extreme wanting need, not required need) to watch this movie and the torrents download faster at night. Go figure.

Anyway, I think my subconscious is trying to make up for the lack of posts this week and is therefore emitting a supply of supposedly witty thoughts on every little thing, trying to convince me that they’re blog-worthy. Evidenced by this, it is succeeding.

I should really make this short. I have 200++ pages of Goblet of Fire to read.

To the point. Today’s fact: Once upon a time, in the not-so-distant past, I had blue hair. And today’s realization: I do not hate my hair because it is a living frizzball; I hate it because right now, it is not blue.

This probably has a lot to do with the fact that I found shizloads of groups on deviantArt that feature colored hair. And I am jealous. I am very jealous. I am thinking thoughts such as:

  • ‘It was the dye’s fault!’ (This one, I think, is pretty truthful. About a week after I had gotten blue streaks in my hair, they started fading. Into green. Then slowly into white. Then my mom tried to cover it up by dying my head brown. Then I hated myself and dyed it back to black. If this could fit into a tweet: #storyofmyhair)
  • ‘It was the hairdresser’s fault!’ (See ‘It was the dye’s fault!’)
  • ‘It was my fault!’ (The hairdresser told me that I should’ve straightened my hair beforehand to make it look prettier. I didn’t. The rational part of my brain is reminding me that to my knowledge, hair straightness has nothing to do with fading hair dye. So yeah. Not my fault.)
  • ‘Maybe I should’ve just dyed my whole head blue.‘ (Whoa, slow down there, tiger. You have a professor who is bald. You really think he and everyone else in the world won’t notice hair the color of a snow cone?)
  • ‘Maybe a lighter color?’ (Brighter shades look like they take more time to fade.)
  • ‘I should just go with green.’ (Well, it is my favorite color. And it’s a tribute to Slytherin…Wait, this is the part where I’m supposed to disagree with myself.)

Maybe I should just buy myself a wig.

And on another note, why does everybody in these pictures have a nose ring or some sort of piercing? Is it like some sort of package at the stylist?

In other less colorful news, my mother–in response to me randomly asking for bangs–took it upon herself to cut me what I like to call, fail bangs. I was kind of looking forward to hair like the one in this picture. What I have now is…I’m not really sure if I have anything at all. It’s kind of easy to just hide them with a hairpin or when I braid my hair around the top of my head, so it’s not like it’s a big change or anything. They’re just a few awkward strands awkwardly covering my forehead. My mom said I wasn’t ready for full bangs. Can’t say she doesn’t have a point as I have never had hair cover my forehead ever since puberty broke out and I had to deal with–er–it’s not exactly acne, and yet it kind of is.

Also, when she told me and my sister to comb our hair before we went to bed because we looked positively poofy, I replied with ‘But I do! It’s not my fault. If anything, it’s your fault because this are your genes.’ I don’t think my mom heard me because it sort of just came out in a rush, but I’d call that a burn. My sister laughed anyway. And come on, my first burn to my mother! And I didn’t even over-think about what I was going to say or anything! Sorry, this is a minor triumph in the world of socially-awkward penguins.

In conclusion: Damn, I have awful hair. Forever alone. Slash wrist. All that. Meh, what’s new?

I feel pretty and witty and bright and I should keep reading.

Good night.


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3 Responses to Some Random Thoughts on Hair

  1. Superlative says:

    So. I kinda took it upon myself to click the RSS feed option. Such a nifty thing, that is. Less effort typing the blog url, more reading awesome rants. 8Db

    Also, I think you’re lucky your hair is all poofy, and you shouldn’t straighten it because 1) uber straight hair just looks so… unnatural, and 2) You’d probably look like a hippie without the peace signs and headband. Try curling it? Maybe your hair isn’t a lost cause! : D

    (I’m not really sure if I showed this to you, but you could curl your hair without all the annoying curling iron woes. Just make sure the socks are like… unused. xD)

    • Oh hey, you taught me how to reply on WordPress. All the comments I got before yours were spam, hurr. :))) And omg, naconscious tuloy ako. You’ll see every time I post something stupid. .__. Also. 1. I agree, it’s so awkward to move around in. I have like pictures of myself from second year and I had really long straight hair and it was weird. XD 2. lol at the hippie thing, though that wouldn’t be too bad. And yeah, you showed me the sock-curling video already. I tried curling my hair (by just twisting it up into buns and undoing it afterwards) and it looks nice, but it’s a bit of a hassle to do it on schooldays, so sa bahay lang talaga ako mukhang matino. :))

      • Superlative says:

        Awesome! At least the comment did… something. But uh, seriously? I’m used to all the crazies and everything so there’s nothing to be conscious about.
        And picture, please! I want to see a Shani with curly hair.

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