First of July, walk on by. (tl; dr)

**homework is bold-faced

I am a firm believer in starting over. Every day is a new day. Habang may buhay may pag-asa. Tomorrow, I love you, you’re always a day away. In fact, I believe in new beginnings so much that every time something mildly significant starts, it’s my cue to freak out and start working on changing my self-image. It follows that months are milestones for me. (Although strangely, New Years are usually apathetic.)

I don’t know whether it’s because it’s July, the month marked by movie mantras that sound dreadfully similar to the most recent prediction of the end of the world, (“It all ends here.” Well, that’s comforting) or it’s because of something so much more me (like overuse of alliteration maybe) but I am freaking out. For example, I thought this blog was going pretty well, until, like now, when I have to write something intelligent-sounding and witty and live up to former blog entries and fear breaking my witty streak and saying the wrong things. Crap like that.

Or maybe, it’s because of this week. This glorious, hellish challenge of a week. While I’d love to do my best Barney Stinson impression, I must say: Damn, that didn’t occur to me. I didn’t really handle challenge week all that well. It was exhausting both physically and emotionally and everything I did just seemed wrong, like the word ‘wrong’ is a gasoline tanker and everyday of this week, I’ve just succeeded in filling it and more until I’m just about ready to light myself a match and throw it into its dark murky depths…

But just when there’s barely half an inch of space left–imagine Flynn and Rapunzel trapped in a cave, only without magic hair that glows when I sing, actually, take Flynn out of that equation too–enter July first. Hello, July first, you devil you. I’d love to tell you blow-by-blow the only day I’ve actually called ‘exciting’ but you know, bullets are cool too.

7AM wakin’ up in the morning, changed my alarm tone, cause Rebecca Black’s annoyin’! I’ve decided to change my alarm tone every month. This month’s–just to spite myself a bit–is T.G.I.F. I say it’s the new beginning phase, Katy Perry says it’s because her song makes Rebecca Black look good.

Frantic, irritable morning! I was already planning to wear a dress today, just because it’s July. I was having doubts because of the awful rain yesterday but this morning’s fashion decision was more of a ‘meh, I don’t feel like wearing pants’ moment than anything.

Class and Kikomachine Komix!

English 11: Where everybody hates my professor too! So from the first day my forever-substitute prof arrived, I hated her–I will not explain for length reasons–and every day since then, I’ve subconsciously decided to exude an aura of hostility in that class, keeping to myself, checking the time and doodling my life away. Today, however, what started with ‘your notebook matches my pencil case’ ended in ‘omg I hate her too.’ Fill in the blanks. [SHANIQUA, GET YOUR READINGS ON TUESDAY.]

Also, Flash Fiction Month! Something to do during English 11. I haven’t actually written it down yet, but after this blog, I swear I will. (Next bullet is more exciting, I swear.)

Accidentally sat at a frat table! (I feel like this is somehow a story worthy of Harry Potter, and thus, I’m going to go Gryffindor for a while here and pretend this doesn’t bother me, but damn, I am still shaking when I think about it.) My friend, Francine, brought her laptop so we could watch this Japanese movie because we said we would and we didn’t have a chance to until a while ago. (Well, actually she’s seen it, but yeah, anyway.) So she said we should sit somewhere where we could actually hear what we were watching, since the AS lobby was too crowded. And I said there wasn’t anywhere like that, but she said there was a place at the back of the building, and I asked her whether there were orgs staying there and she said there weren’t because she was there the other day and no one minded her. So lah. Then I told my other friend to meet us there and she texted me back with ‘what? sa tambayan ng frat?’ and I was stupid and thought it was a joke. And it wasn’t. I was genuinely terrified when she didn’t even want to come over and called me and told me to just get out of there. That was my holy shit moment. Much panic and muttering follows but as I am alive to tell the tale, rest assured that nothing horrible has happened. (There is something that starts with a y and rhymes with get.) YOU BET. As in, you bet nothing bad has happened. Moving on.

Theater class! Summary: No mask-making because what the hell is plaster gauze, but we still a decent concept, which I can’t draw OR color properly, which led to my groupmates being cool and saying it was unfair for me to do all the work–although I think they were just too polite to say ‘oh shit, home girl can’t draw after all’–and therefore divided the rest of the work amongst themselves. This is enough to comfort me. [VAMPIRE FANGS. PICK A GREEK PLAY AND PRACTICE A MONOLOGUE. CHECK ON EVERYONE ON MONDAY, YOU GC GROUPMATE YOU]

Harry Potter misunderstanding! And more importantly, fixing of misunderstanding! I finally told my aunt that I wanted to watch DH2 alone, because she was about to reserve tickets. And because I’m me, I didn’t tell her why. In addition to her freaking out that I would–God forbid–be alone in a movie theater, because monsters are everywhere and they want to eat me, she thought that I didn’t want to watch with her. Which is stupid because I watched DH1 with her and my brother and I’ve seen all the other Potter movies with her and then some. I don’t know, it’s just hard for me to say that watching that movie is a personal experience, like someone’s dying and these two hours are your last moments together. That’s how it feels. And long story short because I have three hours to get my FFM entry written and online: As always, lost parking tickets, nice people, rain and pizza made it all better.

I just realized.

tl; dr. July is exciting. And because it is so, I am declaring a month-long hiatus on this blog. ShaniquaSparkles has been a bit of a commitment the past month and I still want to continue getting into the blogging vibe again, but as I have FFM this month, you (my one, special mentioned reader) probably won’t hear from me much this month, save maybe on the 14th or when I’m dead. I will be back after the Queen celebrates her birth.

Thank you for reading and have a good July!

Writing, writing, writing.


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