Report: The end.

I’m actually quite happy.

I think this happiness was my fault, but if feeling like this is wrong, then I’ll promise to be right later. Just please, don’t ruin this peace I feel right now. I have two theories: One. I have had am having another stressful, hectic week and I looked at this movie as another activity to get through, albeit a really cool fun one. Two. I’ve cried myself out, so just getting the worst over with feels like such a wonderful breath of fresh air. Whichever the reason, it doesn’t matter anymore because this is the first time I’ve felt calm this week.

I guess I’ve treated today like a day off and it’s going to take awhile for it to actually sink in, but for now, man, letting go is such a good feeling.

I’ve been thinking about the corny quote that someone tweeted the other day: “Don’t cry because it’s over; smile because it happened.” And it just suddenly hit me, full force. I have been a part of this for most of my life and it is beautiful and magical and wonderful and exciting and all that is good in the world, but like Hank Green (or well, other smart people) said: Everything has to have a beginning and an end. Like the shuttle launches.

I don’t know. I just feel like I’m clean again. This movie has become my restart button. Clean slate. Time to start again. I’ve been waiting for this for so long. The chance to move on. Harry Potter has given me that, as a final parting gift, and I don’t know how this fandom does it, but it always manages to make me feel the right things at the right time. I feel like we’re friends that have to move away from each other. We’re going to keep in touch forever and ever, never forget each other, keep each other in our hearts, but we need to move on to bigger and better things.

In the midst of this irrational, yet welcomed calm, I’m still up to giving out a few spoilers.


Oh. Timely Tom Felton tweet: “Who has seen the film yet?! How amazing is it! David Yates has brought it to a perfect end and Dan has really shone like he deserved to!x”

YOU SHONE LIKE YOU DESERVED TO, LOVEY. Okay, I cannot help but start the spaz because one of my favorite things about Deathly Hallows in general (the book and now in the movie) is the Malfoy love. We’ve only ever seen the inside of one wizarding family, the Weasleys, and I love that in Half-Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows, we get to see what it’s like on the other side.

Narcissa, I remember noticing your dramatic stare in the trailer and woman, your scene was worth putting in the trailer. So much. You made such good use of your screen time. You are one of the best fictional mothers ever. And okay, Draco and Lucius, I was wrong when I said you might not do a lot, because oh Lord, Felton, you did a lot. I am so proud of you because you have done so much in so little time. I will miss you, I will miss your hair, I will miss Draco. Jason Isaacs, your Dramione moment will forever be in my heart, as will your portrayal of weakening Lucius. I’m going to keep saying it: I will marry into your family one day. I will.

Speaking of favorite parts, Alan Rickman, I almost forgot how amazing you were. Thank you for reminding me. The Prince’s Tale, while incredibly deficient on the child!Lily and child!Snape’s point-of views, was completely rounded off by Alan Rickman. Alan fricking Rickman. I just. So much tears, when he was clutching dead!Lily. That was the most emotion I’ve ever seen in Snape’s face, it was so shocking to have him suddenly feel so much.

And I couldn’t even totally sob because there were people on either side of me and the dude on my right was infuriatingly narrating everything to his friend. Being the bromance-lover that I have become, I have decided to let them slide for now, but oh God, someone should teach these people that THE REASON WE WATCH MOVIES IS BECAUSE WE WANT TO KNOW WHAT’S HAPPENING. We don’t get info from our nice friends who’ve read the books. It doesn’t work that way.

Anyway, getting sidetracked. I just have to say that child!Lily and child!Snape are beautiful children and I must see more of them. /Secretly hoping for a YouTube leak, so I can make gifs./ Anyway. Back to the tears.

First true tears came when Hogwarts was being protected by the teachers. The music. Oh my, the music. It was weird because I’d been bracing myself way too much these past few days that when the movie started, I kind of expected myself to just burst into tears right then and there. So yeah, it took me a while, but I think that scene deserved it.

Another teary scene was the twins’ conversation. Much like Neville’s single line last movie, this one. THIS ONE. It just hits you. I don’t think it’s even in the book, but oh lordy does it hit you. On that note of things not in the books, I cannot remember Lavender Brown dying. I’m actually wondering whether to continue my re-read of the books. I may relapse into depression. I’m not ready to look back on the pain in such a detailed manner.

Moving on. NEVILLE. Oh, Matt Lewis. (Yes, I honestly feel that if there ever was a time to thank the people who’ve helped me through my life and helped me find direction by name, it would be now.) So yes, Matt Lewis. Oh how you’ve grown, you wonderful man. You are. The. Most. Kick-ass. Character. Ever. Nagini must love you for doing so much justice to her death.

Voldie’s death wasn’t pretty badly done either. It was almost beautiful. Really elegant. Classy producers are classy. They made the deaths all…sparkly. Okay, not really. They actually did a variant of that crumbling effect, but only a lot prettier. Imagine them dissolving into thousand of tiny bits of torn paper and those bits aren’t really paper, they’re smoke. How classy can you get.

So, more teary scenes and character/actor loves: Evanna Lynch as Luna, as expected, is awesome. There’s a little Neville/Luna moment there at the end–I see what you did there, producers, but it ain’t gonna happen. I did feel, though, that their awesomeness was being combined, so it’s all good. Lily’s ‘always’ right after Snape’s just made me bawl, or would’ve made me bawl if it wasn’t for aforementioned seat mates. Just that whole scene of James (urgh, I can’t stop hating you right now, James, I’m sorry), Lily, Sirius and Remus. Tears. So much tears. Remus and Tonks’ deaths, seeing Ron and Mrs. Weasley just in complete mourning, that one was a tear-jerker too.

I do love Daniel–uh–Harry’s ‘I’m-dead-but-not-really’ scene with Dumbledore. It was disconcerting, just a sudden flash of white. You’re in the theater and it’s really dark and in that flash, you just feel the world imploding. I think that’s where I started feeling that it was going to be all right. I knew in my heart that Harry was still alive. It was going to go fine. Segue: Tiny bloody baby Voldie was well done also. Competently scary.

Also, some notable scenes: I felt that Dumbledore’s backstory with Aberforth and Ariana could’ve been more expounded on, but hey, that’s just a nitpick of someone who read the books. And I love Maggie Smith so much. It was such an adorable moment when she’s like ‘I’ve always wanted to do that spell’ bringing out the adorable little old lady in her.

Oh, and the Ron/Hermione kiss. I was just kind of relieved when it was over. Yeah, the captain of my Dramione ship is talking, but I’m sorry, I felt really awkward. If you clicked the Dramione moment link, you’ll know. I was actually kind of happy when all the kisses were over. I don’t know, I just didn’t feel like this was the moment for romance. Imagine laughing emoticons all over that paragraph. That was how awkward it was.

And finally, the epilogue. Oh, this epilogue. Well, good news (for me) Jade didn’t have much screen time. Bad news: WTF She covered Scorpius’s face, what a mother, such an infuriating person you are. Also, hey, at least Tom’s beard was gone. And I am of the opinion that epilogue!Harry, Ron and Hermione look more like reallife!Dan, Rupert and Emma than their ‘seventeen-year-old’ selves ever did. Also, their children are beautiful. Beautiful. I kind of wished Tom got in that last shot too. I mean, if you include Ginny, I demand Draco to be there too! Oh, but if he got there, we all know who’d squeeze herself in. (I’m sorry, my inner hater is coming out.)

I love that they ended it with the Hogwarts Express leaving. It just intensifies that starting over feeling. It made me feel new. And in that aftermath, I felt exceedingly young. I’m feeling everything I shouldn’t, it’s so weird, but yeah. Seeing Harry, Ron and Hermione all grown up and moving on, I felt, well, like a kid. It really brought me back. I kept thinking about what Jo said: Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home. And right now, those words are enough.

Last minute notes: I’ve decided to suspend my re-reading of Half-Blood Prince for now, I will catch up with FFM soon (I hope) and my SlytherDor nails will last until Monday. So that’s it for now on the Harry Potter front.

And now, to remind myself that I have an exam tomorrow, such yayness. Never mind. After watching this movie, I feel like I’ve faced the end of the world and survived. I am ready for anything.


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