We’re off to hunt for horcruxes.

The wonderful horcruxes of Voldie. (Wizard of Oz parody fail.)

This blog is such a fanblog, I can’t even.

Hi there. This is me freaking out beyond anything I have ever felt before. No such witticisms abound in this post. I am just plain SCARED, and will therefore rant accordingly.

So yeah, following the current theme of this month, I have decided to see my fandom through to the end. I have decided to achieve this by joining a Harry Potter trivia contest. Being apathetic and emotionless at the time (otherwise know as the state of Post-Potter Depression, only I wasn’t really depressed, I was just disturbingly calm: see last post), I just randomly jumped into it, knowing not how hard the questions were going to be, how many people were going to be there, how long it was going to be.

Mere hours ago, I have received my confirmation email. It was very…confirmative. (That awkward moment when you think you invented a word and that word actually exists. Looking at you ‘confirmative.’)

It says:


Thanks for joining! See you on July 30!

And just like that, my head exploded.

It does not help that I have not finished the last two Harry Potter books, have a monologue to present on Friday, a play to attend tomorrow night (LESS READING TIME), and I am out of cardboard for fang making! Stressed that I have to wear a dress. (Literally, for my monologue. I may have to wear that green Sunday dress that is WAY too formal for school.) Freaking out like a piece of trout. (This has no explanation.)

I obviously do not know what I have gotten myself into, but holy shiz, I have this urge to win.

Thinking about this contest over the past few days, I’ve really only had two scenarios. One: Walk away, defeated and shrugging, from the trivia round because the questions are too hard. Two: Getting through the trivia round because the questions are too easy, then getting paired with the only person on Earth who’s more awkward than I am and losing because the horcrux clues are too hard. (Or worse, getting sorted into Hufflepuff. BUT. When I told Dea about this, she does make a very good point: HUFFLEPUFFS ARE PARTICULARLY GOOD FINDERS. Once again, my friends are awesome.)

This feeling of rising panic was intensified when I saw all the Mugglenet giveaway questions on Twitter from last night. (I decided not to go online last night to read HBP. Wow, what good did that get me?)

Question: In Chamber of Secrets, who was the muggle that lives in Norfolk & was sure she spotted a flying car while hanging out her wash?

Question: During Bill and Fleur’s wedding, Great Auntie Muriel stated that Xenophilius Lovegood looked like a what?

Which member of the original Order of the Phoenix was killed so harshly that they only found bits of him left?

Question: How many original members of Dumbledore’s Army are from Ravenclaw?

I COULD ONLY ANSWER THE LAST ONE AND I WASN’T EVEN SURE. I am this close to killing myself. Or at least making convenient flashcard-sized summaries of each of the books and re-watching the movies all over again. I am ready to power through the pain.

I don’t know why I want to win so much. Maybe it’s because the prizes are gift packs from a bookstore and a publishing company and come on, how can I not want that? I haven’t been in a proper bookstore in the longest time, I am craving anything that reminds me of it. And my sister pointed out that I could get myself that swanky trunk of hardbound Harry Potter books that’s forever on my 18th birthday wish list.

Or I don’t know, maybe I don’t want to win; I’m just really nervous about screwing up in front of the world. Like, because I had the guts to join, I should at least prove myself being worthy of being called a fan. Ugh. I don’t know.

I just know that I need to stop blogging, finish my homework and read like a maniac.


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