One Thousand Words

There is surprisingly much to be said.

1. Getting this out of the way: IT’S TOMORROW. THE CONTEST. OH MY GOD.

On reading progress, I have more or less a hundred pages of Deathly Hallows to go. I just stopped right before The Prince’s Tale, because I feel like it’d be a great disrespect to Severus Snape if I read his memoirs on the floor of AS lobby with foul-mouthed teenagers at my side. I already did that with Fred. (Sorry, Fred; if it was any consolation, I think they saw me tearing up) Confession time: I read Dobby’s death in my Motor Sports classroom while waiting for everybody else to arrive. I think all of them were meant to get to class five minutes before it started that day.

On reviewing. Well. Yeah, it’s not really happening. Might just cram it all later tonight.

2. I love the rain, but these past few days have been dreadfully gloomy. It’s like the clouds are sucking the wittiness out of me–which I can’t deny has been great, since with less smart-ass quips I got through the books a whole lot faster than I usually do. Still, I miss the sky. I spend half of everyday asleep and the other half reading. I have a feeling that when I become a full-fledged author, that’ll become my life except writing instead of reading, but still, while I’m able-bodied and alive, I’d like to enjoy the outside world more. I miss the sunsets and the colors of the clouds. Now, the streets just fill up with umbrellas and we all look the same.

3. I am downloading Merlin S03 for my aunt. Apparently, she’s been following it since Season One.  She says that she’ll consider my piracy as a birthday gift. I find it adorable that she’s so excited. Also, [SPOILER]: shesaysmorganaiseviliknewitiknewit.

4. That awkward moment when someone you stalk on Twitter is being simultaneously adorable and grammatically incorrect. (Again, I’d like to point out that excessive grammar nazi-ing might be a side effect of PMS and for that, I sincerely apologize.)

5. And now we have arrived at the original purpose of this post: to celebrate my hitherto unknown acting skills! Warning: Contains joy over school-related achievements.

So partly because of the weather and the end and general school exhaustion, I’ve been feeling…well, nothing. It’s been apathy all the way and I figured that what I need to jolt my heart awake is a win. And yeah, I got the idea from an episode of How I Met Your Mother. So yeah, I was expecting that win to come tomorrow. Again, yeah, that is pretentiousness; I’m sorry, I really want to win okay. It’s fandom closure.

Unexpectedly, that win, that jolt came today in the form of a monologue. Yes, this is the same monologue that I was supposed to do last Friday, but didn’t get randomly picked, then was supposed to do last Wednesday, but classes were suspended which was awesome because I lost my voice that day.

I’m not going to rattle off about what happened before I got picked because I got picked last and that would mean having to retell the whole class in painstaking detail. I would like to say, however, that my professor has never actually fully praised/complimented anyone in their monologues, except this one dude who danced his. And he was insanely good. I’d also like to point out that my professor is not evil or extremely hard to please. It’s just that none of us in class are exactly actors. Not to mention the monologues are all from Greek plays; they’re not exactly all that contemporary or easily relatable. Also, damn, it’s scary going up in front of a whole class pretending to shout to a sister who didn’t give a crap about your father who was killed by your mother. (Electra. Some crazy shiz.)

Anyway, it was a random pick, the don’t-look-at-the-list-and-put-your-pen-on-a-random-name kind. So I did my bit and I got to the end, which in itself was an achievement, since my professor usually stops people when he wants to point out something. Apparently, my ‘intent was clear,’ which I assume is a good thing, but he did notice that I wasn’t really sure where to go because during my practice sessions (i.e. late nights in my room spent shouting at my curtains) I didn’t really have a lot of space to move around.

He asked me where the character was supposed to be and in the play, Electra was outside the house. So he asked me to open the windows of the ‘classroom’–we have class in this large black-walled, black-floored, black-ceilinged room, it’s more of a theater than a classroom really, I didn’t even know it had windows–while I was saying my thing, like in time with the words, I suppose or something like that, just so I’d have something to do with my hands. I walked to the windows and when I turn around to face everyone, he turns off the lights. I can only imagine how it must have looked like, with more light from outside flooding into the room with every window. Then the lights turned back on and what do you know, I did a good job. Meep.

And so ends my momentarily badass moment of unexpected acting. Honestly, I’m just incredibly happy that I don’t have to do it over again next week. No more sword hanging above my head in a darkened theater. And hey, this for a girl who talks way too fast and spazzes out more than is required, I’d say I’m pretty proud of myself. I’m very very happy with my win.

But I still want to win tomorrow.

I am off to do just that. Last hundred pages and the tale of the Prince to pwn. Oh blogging, how I missed you. I hope you excuse my run-on sentences and constant distraction. I’ll make it up to you, I promise. (This blog needs a name.)


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