asdfghjkl; The world is amazing.

I had an awesome day today and I wish I could blog about it but it’s one of those too-awesome-for-words days and I feel like if I let it all out, I won’t have anything else to hold on to. So as much as I hate myself for doing this because these sorts of posts are pointless because two years from now, I won’t know what the hell I’m talking about, I’m going to leave a happy moderately cryptic sort of post just to let the world know that I appreciate its existence.

Haunted libraries are eerie and beautiful and quiet. Comodo, luminoso (not really) e silenzioso.

Tonight’s playlist: (At first I wondered why I wanted such weird unrelated songs to be playing, but I just realized what their titles have in common.) Taylor Swift: That’s the Way I Loved YouMaroon 5: She Will Be LovedMeekakitty featuring Heyhihello: Wizard Love

PAASA is the new wave that’s sweeping the nation. We are the generation of awkward texts and stalking superstars. We give chase, in the hope that the world will follow.

I have the strangest impulses when I’m irrationally happy. Like I want to watch Confessions again even if it’s probably the most wrist-cutting thing ever. Sometimes I wonder about the shiz in the world that makes me happy. Then I stop wondering and start being happy. (On a side note: Is shiz a plural or a singular noun? Its subject-verb agreement bothers me.)

My Dramione shirt is officially full of GVs! (I am resisting the urge to put a string of hearts right after this sentence.) That feeling you get when you’re wearing something for the first time and you’re hoping that people will react decently but also waiting to see whether something will continue being awesome beyond the reaches of your house. Yeah. The magic of my ship has been proven. And I will go down with it.

My cousin is in the fourth grade and asks as many questions as a five-year-old. This makes me happy because A. she’s the only child I know who’s actually acting like a child, albeit a younger child and B. I don’t have to be the one to answer all her questions. She has a dad for that.

I cannot stop smiling.


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