Okay, that was supposed to be to the tune of my sophomore Sportsfest cheer, but yeah, thanks soundless internet.

Anyway, guess what happened today?

If you guessed ‘another unfortunate birthday,’ then you’re right! Although it would be really creepy if you knew that minor disasters often coincide with birthdays in my family. My mother’s birthday a few years ago was the day my great-grandfather passed away, my birthday last March was the day of the Japan earthquake and today, my aunt celebrated her birthday at the hospital because my nine-year-old cousin has appendicitis. She’s okay. We all are. We’re kind of used to this.

Also, if you guessed ‘nothing, you with the boring life, you lazy child,’ that’s correct too, to an extent. You are correct in thinking that I haven’t continued the deciphering of my Kasaysayan notes even if my midterm is on Thursday and I’ve barely gotten to the third lesson. You’d also be correct if you assumed that my reading of 100 Years of Solitude hasn’t progressed as much as it should have, given that I’ve had about three days to catch up.

But, my good sir/madam, I, in fact, did accomplish something today and that is the creation of a new graphic, which I am surprisingly quite proud of, save for the fact that it doesn’t really have any appropriate words on it yet. On the bright side, I’ve finally learned how to fiddle with curves and levels and go beyond my usual black background with gradients and colors and shizzle.

This actually started out as a joke, something I started out of boredom at the hospital. (Did I mention that I love hospitals? Lots of people think it’s a creepy place, because people die there, but I love it. It’s clean and quiet and everything smells of disinfectant. I find them as poetic and inspiring as beach houses. Go figure.) I usually read when we’re somewhere and I know no one’s going to talk to me, but more years of solitude? Really? I think I’ve had enough alone time for the time being, so I brought Spuckle along. (Actually, the story’s shifted back from the boring, confusing war to normal life. Well, if you consider an ascension normal.) So yeah, I started mixing strange psychedelic colors and somehow ended up with something decent. Playing with Photoshop is awesome.

Oh, Pottermore? What about it?

Fuck yeah, I got my email like half an hour ago and the only reason I’m killing time writing this blog is because I need to be mentally disposed when I’m at the chapter about the Sorting and writing keeps me calm.

It’s actually a little slow at the ‘moments.’ I’m not sure if it’s because of the heavy graphics or because I’ve been closing my laptop without shutting it down while I was in the hospital earlier or because there are a lot of people online. It’s very cool so far, with the tidbits from JK Rowling which I’m just really happy to know about. It would’ve been funner if I were just starting to read the books though, so I could know all these things as I go along.

See, this is what I mean about fandom experience. The new generation of Potterheads don’t have the same thrill of waiting for the next book to come out, so they have Pottermore so there’s still a little sense of anticipation. With Pottermore around, you don’t turn to google if you’re too lazy to read. It’s like the part of the internet that encourages you to keep reading.

It’s pretty chill so far. I think the real action starts when you get sorted and mix potions and stuff.

I’ll continue this blog when I get sorted and until then, you must prepare for my anguish.

Oh my Lord. Pottermore. Why. Are you doing this to me. Seriously. Oh my God. I just. Really. Why. How. Incoherence sputtering forever. What. Really. No. Just. Really. I can’t. Mouth open forever. I don’t know what to say, really. Just oh my God. Really. This is what I get for not doing homework early. I probably don’t deserve to be called a Ravenclaw, and dammit, I knew I should’ve picked the evil choices for Slytherin, but no, I decided to be honest and go with the smart choices that I thought would at least lead me to Ravenclaw.

So. I’m a badger now. This will take a few weeks to properly process, so yeah. I’m just going to go ahead now. Is this real life. Probably not.

At least it’s not Gryffindor.


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