Everything, everything ends.

WordPress, let me just start off by saying: STOP FIDDLING WITH THAT NAVIGATION BAR THING AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE. Every other time I sit down to blog, it changes. It’s really bothersome. Staffet.

Now, for real: Hey folks. It’s that time again when too many things have happened to me to keep it all in. So here you go.

First, the title is from Meet Me on the Equinox, this Death Cab for Cutie song that was used in a Twilight movie (I don’t know or care which one, they’re all the same because I haven’t seen them. Ignorance is bliss.) because well, it’s the equinox. I don’t even know why I remember that, the Philippines doesn’t have four seasons, but I was thinking of Tom Felton’s birthday and suddenly I’m like ‘hey, he was born on the equinox.’ I don’t even know how that all came together in my head. I looked up ‘equinox’ in Spuckle’s dictionary to check. (I was right. Weird.) Then I thought of solstices, then looked that up. The song goes ‘meet me on the equinox/meet me halfway/when the sun is perched at its highest peak/in the middle of the day.‘ The sun is at its highest during the summer solstice, not the equinox.

So that’s my share of useless trivia for the day. If I look like a geek, I might as well act like one.

I look like a geek, dork, nerd, all the discriminatory four letter words of the twenty-first century because I got my glasses today. (Have I mentioned I need glasses? I need glasses. The story is not important, as I may remember it as the time I explored the school infirmary for the first and hopefully last time. All that I need to remember is that it was September 2011 and I was reading The Virgin Suicides.) My mother is being mean about it because she’s my mother. I tweeted something equally mean (without saying that it was about my mom) and people started commenting. Awkwaaard.

Kind of like that awkward moment when I thought no one was online and I posted my crappy graphic for the week’s Dramione challenge. (It was Disney-themed and I picked The Princess Diaries. Enough said.) It’s like the dudes who pee paint graffiti on walls when they think no one’s looking, but it’s the internet; everybody’s looking. And sometimes, somebody awesome is looking, and they make you feel like you’re not worthless and less of a dork. Yay.

Speaking of dorkiness, I’ve started watching Doctor Who (that’s not the dorky part) from the fifth season (there it is). There was too much David Tennant going around on my Tumblr dashboard for me to actually enjoy watching the earlier seasons, okay. I felt like I new everything that was going on from the supply of gifs alone. (Gifs is an actual word. Huh.) Also, I saw a gif of Eleven going ‘glasses are cool.’ (This post was going to be called ‘In which I am obviously concerned about my dorkiness and seek consolation from TV and the internet,’ but it was too long.)

Quick rundown of everything else because I’m all out of smooth segues: One. My sister and I switched planners. I get to have her Total Girl planner and she gets my Harry Potter planner, which is perfectly fine with me. The Total Girl planner layout is surprisingly good. It even has an expense tabulation. Two. I have a four hour break on Tuesdays and Thursdays now because my Motor Sports class–you remember the class I stood in line for two days because I wanted to fill that break–is done for the semester. I got stuck with a crappy go-kart during our session on OVERTAKING. So that was a pleasant experience of being a sitting duck. Three. I play an annoying aunt for our final play for Theater 10. The rant concerning this deserves its own post.

And despite all this business going down, I’ve managed to do all those things and nothing by way of schoolwork. It’s just how I roll.

My eyes hurt now so please forgive me for this abrupt ending. Everything ends.


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