I was not meant for here.

So it’s Christmas, And I didn’t get a lot of gifts this year*, which is totally fine as the ones that I did get are top quality. (17-disc Harry Potter DVD collection, a pretty bag, a planner that didn’t cost me a single cup of coffee to name a few. Not to mention the stacks of books that I ‘gave to myself’.)

But the thing is.

I have SO many things. It’s alarming. I keep asking myself whether I need more and the answer is always a whopping YES.

Also, I can’t get this song out of my head.

I didn’t need these things, I didn’t need them, oh.

Took them all to bits, turned them outside in,

And I left them on the floor

And ran for dear life through the door, oh.

I never considered myself materialistic, but at the end of the day, books are still things. Things that–I was told–wouldn’t get me to heaven. Things that I could give away to people who need them more. Things that gather dust. Things that burn holes in my pockets. Things things things.

Is it possible to love things?

That is a question for CW100 poetry to answer.

I won’t explore the finer points of this thought (chase it to the badlands as it were) as I have other responsibilities to attend to, but it’s a thought that needs to be blogged before Christmas is officially over. It ends in about half an hour, and then the dead days begin. We transition from the fire to the fireworks. Six days to leave this year behind.

Merry Christmas. Hope you’re having a good one.

*It’s Perfume Year (perhaps a shout-out to that book I didn’t finish) Four bottles of perfume. Last year was Bag Year (shout-out to my bag lady habits?) Four of those bags that can be folded into compact rectangles.

This blog post was intended to be the first post for another new blog, hence the title. Will the newness never stop?

Anyway, I was going to go ahead and make that blog but then my old nemesis came to greet me: the username. And so the blog died before it was born. (That was a bad metaphor. If there are any expectant mothers out there, I’m sorry.)

I don’t know if that other blog is going to come true (like a dream) or to fruition (like a plan), but one thing is for sure: New Year’s Resolution: Be more decisive. I mean, I’m all for spontaneity, but I really have to plan these things more.

I’m also planning a book blog? If I can do that sort of thing.


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