So this is the New Year

I’m thinking of marriage.

When I get married, my bathroom will always be clean. The house will have blue walls and wooden furniture.

When I get married, I will always have someone to talk to during awkward family gatherings. People will stop asking me whether I have a boyfriend.

When I get married, the Fratellis will get back together.

I also have a wedding playlist ready made inside my mind, but I won’t share it because weddings are for fake superstitions and mine is: Sharing a wedding playlist before you’re actually engaged (or before you’ve actually had a boyfriend for that matter) is bad luck.

Last night, while I was cleaning out the attic (top shelf) and basement (bottom shelf) of my room, I pronounced that I would have an amazing year with or without anyone else. And here I am, already dreaming.

I didn’t really think of any resolutions for the year. I never change anyway, and I’m always trying to. This year is just a continuation of that effort, as is everyday.

That sounded horribly pessimistic. On the other hand, I find it freeing. I won’t feel disappointed in myself for not achieving ridiculous goals. And anyway, I think we’re past the point of dreaming and promising change, don’t you? We’re not politicians.

I think I’m ready to actually get somewhere this time. And so in the interest of making resolutions that involve actual resolve, here I go.

–Read 50 books.

–Discover more bands, watch more movies, attend at least one concert that you really want to go to.

–Find a better workspace. You always fall asleep in your room.

–Spend less. Sleep less. Place less importance on the internet. It’s so mainstream.

–Learn to drive. Get license. Whichever comes first.

–Be a better Christian.

–Homework is a lost cause. Don’t even try to make things better, there are far more worthwhile things to worry about.

–Write better blog entries. Think more. Be more coherent. Stop explaining where you get your titles.

–Go places.

–Weigh less in December than you did in January. A pound less is an achievement.

–Write what you mean. Learn to edit. Focus your powers of judgment on yourself.

–Say what you mean. Do what you say you will. Get things done.

–That thing you do where you like stop yourself from telling the whole story because you assume you’ll remember it years later when you read through your past entries? You won’t remember what the hell you were talking about. Tell the freaking story. Things aren’t as memorable as you think they are.

–You could very well be dead by the end of the year. Get published. Finish a novel.

–Be nicer to people. They have just as many issues as you do.

–Do not let other people’s opinions stop you from reading, watching, thinking, doing what you want.

Well, that’s all I’ve got. The other things are more technical. (eg. Be-shelve your room. Make a music video. Finish a glass of water. Watch Spiderman. Turn 18. That sort of thing.) I know you should keep your resolutions precise and ¬†achievable for a distinctly happier life. But nah, those end up sounding like to-do list entries and God knows I have more than enough of those. My rule in making resolutions: They should sound nice so I don’t get sick of hearing them over and over.

Anyway, that’s it.

Marriage or no, let’s have a beautiful life.

PS. In case I do get bored with my resolutions, here’s a handy site to look at. “IN 2012, I WILL TRY MAKING UP MY MIND FOR MYSELF, INSTEAD OF USING RIDICULOUS WEB-BASED GENERATORS.”


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