Shut up and play the hits.

When you start a band, do you imagine how it will end?

Probably not. I dunno. When the thought of starting something crosses my mind, it’s just that thought, you know. I usually skip the starting and think of the part where I’m into it, thinking about it’ll expand, how I’ll talk to the people who were involved, my various acceptance speeches. You think of the peaks and not much else. You forget the level of impossibility you need to overcome. You forget the laziness that you inherently have. Nobody thinks about the repercussions or the heartbreaks. We’re all so consumed with the idea of the great big something that we end up getting nowhere. Nobody thinks of what’s going to happen when it’s over before it’s even started.

Why am I giving so much thought into this?

Well, as of the creation of paperbackretreat and thingsthatsoundnice, I have officially started my projects for the year. Crazy. I always flake out and really don’t want to this time. I’ve started both projects with different people so there’s less chance of it dying because we both need to decide to end it for it to die completely. But what if that day does come? What of the things that I imagined and thought about and worked for? Why are we starting these things if they’re going to end one day?

There’s a meaning of life metaphor in all of this musing, but for now, I choose to take one thing away from this sudden unedited burst of blog-itude: In the immortal words of Death Cab for Cutie, ‘everything, everything ends.’ And the journeys that I choose to take, be they academic or personal, will one day disappear by some random reason, better enjoy them while they last.

And with that comes a half-assed try at trying to convince myself to study Philo while I still have the chance.

Shaniqua on LCD Soundsystem: I only know one LCD Soundsystem song and that’s New York, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down. I found this while YouTube-ing trailers for Sundance 2012 movies.


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