I will always love you like a love song.

Y’all probably know by now then when I’m blogging, I’m either procrastinating or so overcome with emotion that I  need to get all the word gunk in my head out of the way before I can talk properly. Tonight, it’s a little bit of both, except replace ’emotion’ with ‘weird events all in one day.’ Haven’t had a day that was worth blogging about in the longest time.

So it’s Monday the 13th, dreaded day before Valentine’s Day. It’s also the day of the Grammy Awards. Woke up on time for once so I caught the second half of it. Guess I should’ve figured that I wouldn’t find it all that interesting, seeing as I’m a hipstahhh and all that, but I didn’t want to break the Award Show Monday mornings I’ve been having. I’ve already seen this year’s Golden Globes and SAG Awards, why stop now? (Random anecdote: when I was a kid, I always wondered whether the Grammy was an award given to old people or it was just a really awful name. Then came the SAGs.)

Anyway, the Grammys were kind of a waste of time and Nicki Minaj’s performance was FREAKING DISTURBING. The part of me that spent a good part of the weekend reading and watching the movies clunking up my laptop knew that watching it was a bad idea, but did I listen? Weekday!Shaniqua never does. Thus, I wasted my morning.

Which was the only free part of my day as later in the afternoon, I had to go to my own award show at school for the ninja-College Scholar award thing that I didn’t even realize I was eligible for. I didn’t really want to go because it’s actually my first free Monday in weeks. Also, I thought it was kind of unfair for me to get this thing as a Math student, because it’s been a year since I actually took a Math class and honestly, I don’t really want to be associated with the College of Science anymore. Too many horrible memories.

My parents thought it was a pretty big deal though, even if the first time that I get recognized for something in college turns out to be everyone else’s moment of victory as well. I shot my Monday vlog right before we left so I’d look nice in a video for once and also, because I figured I’d have time to edit when I got home. Oh how wrong I was.

Dad drove us to school. Mom kept talking to her sister from the moment we left the house until we were in the parking lot. I was being sullen. As usual.

The event was supposed to be held in this outdoor amphitheater that was still in construction the last time I saw it. The framework made it look a bit like a roller coaster. I would’ve preferred to receive the certificate while riding on a roller coaster, definitely. That would’ve made for an interesting afternoon. But meh, what actually happened was pretty interesting as well.

So like I said, I didn’t really want to be there. In addition to what I said before, I have a semi-pathological fear of people. Just being in the midst of a huge group of people I don’t know and am forced to interact with or share air with makes me cry. Literally. I’ve cried on each and every first day of each and every school year. That includes college and high school, yes.

I hate not knowing where to go or who to talk to. When I got to the venue, I saw some of my friends from my first year in Math milling around but none I was particularly close to, so I stuck with my parents like the scared little girl I am.

It was good, though. Sitting on the benches and watching the grass sway. The fresh air. People not noticing me. (No sarcasm, I swear.) It was nice to just sit and watch things. Like when we go to the cemetery and I lie on the grass and watch the clouds. It was that kind of nice. I still wanted to go home though.

But hey, as luck would have it, I didn’t have to stick around there for long. See, there’s nothing like seeing a crowd of well-dressed people get drenched and that’s exactly what happened. For a moment, I entertained the thought of going home, editing the video and getting another few hours of sleep, but of course, you don’t go to a field full of scholars and not expect someone to come up with some brilliant idea. So off to the Physics building we went.

People were fun to watch when they’re drenched and miserable in their high heels and slacks. They were the witches, melting, and I was, I dunno, a flying monkey, I guess. Anyway, it was amusing to see people so dressed up. One family had this purple ensemble thing going on. They were my favorite.

When we got to the Physics building, there was that air of mud and damp going on, the kind that triggers the neon SUSPENSION sign in block letters in my head. People were all packed together and it was…ugh. Not that they were disgusting and sweaty or anything. It was just…so many people. Talking to each other. And my parents had to go into the auditorium and I was lost again. So many people. It was crazy. There was someone in front who was trying to get us to fix ourselves but I couldn’t hear.

So I looked around and I saw someone I knew, but unfortunately, not exactly someone I wanted to see, but I was sort of expecting to see. What.

Let’s just put it this way. Question: What happens if the most awkward girl and the most awkward boy become classmates for a whole year? Answer: NOTHING. And that’s exactly what continued to happen.

Awkward!boy was alone at first. Then much awkward staring ensued. Or maybe it was all in awkward!girl’s head. (But I swear, there was a moment when I passed in front of him, trying to see the signs in front and not even five minutes later, he suddenly has to pass in front of me to go to the bathroom in the back? I mean, seriously, what the hell was that?) And then his friends came and awkward!girl stood in the back, trying not to cry, because crowds make her cry.

After years and years, the world fixed itself and I found myself standing in line (the right one). Lines are good places to not look awkward. Or rather, they’re the best places to look awkward, because nobody can’t not look awkward if you’re standing in line. Awkward!boy was far away, people were quieting down and best of all, I found my friends. Insert numerous silent cries of relief here. (Not sighs. Cries.)

Well, they kind of found me because the line was in alphabetical order and our last names were together. Anyway, everything after that was much better. Life lesson: Things are always better with friends. Friends are a different class of people. The kind that make you smile and know the right Taylor Swift songs to not sing. Found out that all of my friends had shifted courses or will be shifting at the end of the year. That says a lot, I think.

The auditorium was packed with our stage parents when we were finally let inside so we had to sit on the floor. That is not a joke. Imagine all the heels and skirts.

Then some impressive scientist made an impressive speech that I would’ve cared about more had he been talking about the history of cheese or something. (Not to say that he wasn’t impressive. He was. Just not to me. He was impressive in the cool-story-bro, kind of way.)

Then awarding, pictures, everyone and their mother (and father) leaving early, eating a full meal in the car. Do I really need to narrate an award ceremony?

Anyway, when I got home, I edited the sloppiest-ly edited Valentine’s Day vlog ever. Then I wrote this blog and typed the word ‘sloppiest-ly.’ Adventures in Vocabulary!

So I think I’ve procrastinated enough. I was supposed to write half a page on a book I’m not done reading, but look, I wrote like…several pages on a day that I’m done experiencing. Yay. What. I need to sleep.


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